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I think we can now say “winter has arrived!” Snow fell in Edinburg Friday. I will not complain as we have had a wonderful November. Gosh, we have had temperatures into the 50’s plus until just about 10 days ago. The fluffy white stuff just adds to the celebration of the approaching holiday season. Ruthie told me she always wanted snow on her birthday (Nov 14th) as a child so she and her friends could play outside and make “angels” during her birthday party. Well, she didn’t get it on the 14th, but I think she should gather those same classmates and spend a day making snow angels. I will gladly make the birthday cake and hot chocolate!

Chuck and I just returned from Trinity Church and the 42nd Annual Candlelight Service. It is a beautiful entrance into the Christmas Season. Our “seasonal choir” sang Christmas songs to a “full house”. It was so great to have people from the Pembina Hills Parish (Gardar and Mountain) sing with us. Trinity Church and Pembina Hills has become a joint ministry known as “Crossroads Ministry”. There must have been 35 singers in our choir. Ruthie directs and Jan and Eunice accompany on piano and organ. Chance Sveen, Jackson Hall, Sara Sorbo, Marlie Johansen and Heather Foseide played Christmas Carols on the bells. They did a super job. Jan Johansen directed them. We truly have a great bunch of high school kids who are so active in our church activities.

It has been a long time since I last wrote a “Crow’s Nest”. The last 6 weeks has truly been a “roller-coaster” ride for our family. Our mother, Janice Monson was hospitalized with congestive heart failure. She slowly worsened and succumbed to death November 15th. We celebrated Ruthie’s birthday down at the hospital on the 14th. That morning mom told Karen Heffta (a wonderful nurse) and me that she would be “going home” tomorrow. SHE DID. It was a sweet, precious day as all of us were with mom as was Pastor Erik. Mom passed on to be with dad surrounded by the love of her family. The out-pouring of love to our family has been abundant. Over 200 people came to mom’s funeral and the gestures of kindness have just been overwhelming. Small communities of caring people are a hidden treasure to forever hold dearly.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent our Thanksgiving in Minot with our daughter, Kris and her family. I did something I have not done in 60+ years. I went shopping on “Black Friday”! I promise you and myself I will not do it again for another 60+ years!!!! What a zoo. I did not realize that you “just don’t go shopping-----you strategize your every move!!” I saw women in Target with walkie-talkies, floor plans, coupon booklets and flyers in the crook of their arms. They obviously had a plan for the early morning trek. Next year I will stay home and make eggs benedict for those who feel as I do. I ended up doing most of my shopping for the grandkids over the internet at -----I got free shipping and it was much easier. We have a 7 year old, two 9 year olds and three 12 year old grandchildren. It is not easy buying them presents.

Lots has been going on in our little town since I last wrote. Veronica Zidon and Matt Byron were married as was Ruth Wild and Casey Stumf. There have been two bridal showers recently. One for Tracy Gustafson and the other for Katie Currie (TJ Hall’s fiancé). Tracy and Brian Barclay are getting married this coming weekend at United Lutheran in Grand Forks. Tracy has been substitute teaching in Edinburg for about 3 weeks. Gosh, time goes by so fast as it seems just yesterday these wonderful young people who are getting married were in grade school. I wish them all much happiness.

Excitement abounds at the Rod and Jan Nygard home. They are now grandparents! Stacy and Brad had a little baby girl. They named her Cassidy Rae. Rod says there has never, ever been a more beautiful baby than little Cassie. I BELIEVE HIM! There is no way to describe grand-parenthood other than what Rod says. Giving birth to a child is wonderful, but being a grandparent is a feeling that is indescribable. Congratulations to all.

I also extend my sympathy to the Zidon family. Matriarch Angeline Zidon died this past Friday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the family.

Have a great week and will “talk” with you all later.


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November 28, 2004

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Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now we turn our attention to Christmas. May each of you enjoy this holiday season in a relaxing and joyous atmosphere.