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"THIS WILL BE A HARVEST SEASON TO FOREVER REMEMBER OR ELSE A HARVEST SEASON WE TRULY WANT TO FORGET". I can hear the groans of readers saying, "There she goes again complaining about this harvest season!" SORRY!!!!!

In my world harvest started August 25th. Halls tried combining for the first time. Sugar beet harvest finished October 21st----4 days shy of 2 months. It has been very frustrating for all the area farmers. The weather just has not cooperated. It was so wet during beet harvest that the trucks being loaded had to be pulled through the fields by big tractors. I know for certain Greg, Warren, Fred, Rodger and TJ are glad the beet lifters can be mothballed until next year.

UND Hockey has started again. We have had season tickets for the last three years and so enjoy going to the games. It was a tough series with Minnesota this past weekend. They split as UND won 4 – 2 Friday night but lost a horrible game Saturday night when they were defeated 6 – 0. Was not a fun game to watch. "The Ralph" as the arena is affectionately called is a beautiful place. It sure puts UND and Grand Forks on the map. Chuck and Harold Flom have tickets for the Junior World Cup Hockey Series which begin December 25th and run through part of January 2005. They have seats 6 rows up behind the "bench"! There are teams from all over the world competing. I know Chuck is really excited about having such wonderful seats.

I have pictures posted on the website of Norby’s Diner on a Saturday morning. It is so "small town" the way things are always done. Chuck and I get down to the diner at 7 AM Saturday mornings and Angie always asks "The usual?" Yes, we answer---the usual being Angie’s special egg mcmuffin with cheese and bacon and a side order of hash browns. Only in a small town could life be portrayed like this. Chuck and I are there as is Larry Pewe, Orlando Gryde, Mike Olafson and the "Zidon" family. Every Saturday Jim Hepokowski comes in and asks Angie if she has mushrooms. Sometimes she does---sometimes she doesn’t. Jim likes an omelet with mushrooms.

When you come into town on #32 from the south you will see a beautiful new sign welcoming people to Edinburg. This has been placed there from the Hall family in memory of John Hall. It is such a wonderful tribute to John who was such a vital member of this community. What a way to welcome people to Edinburg. TJ Hall had the sign designed and has been the one who has put it in place. Thanks T.

I just received the "present to end all presents". I love to mow the lawn. After being hit with Rhuematoid Arthtitis I could not use our push our mower. Chuck showed up one day with a new "Snapper" mower for me. This one is a gem. I have a "joy stick" that moves me around fast and furious. I am almost dangerous with it as I swerve all over trying to keep it in a straight line. Only practice will help this.

Just received a really wonderful email from Bernie Mullen who is stationed in Iraq. He is stationed on the outskirts of Baghdad. He has been there for 8 months. He just went before a promotion board to be promoted to a staff seargent. He is a shop foreman of a maintainence crew that works on tanks and hummvees. He also is a part of female search teams and recovery crews. His job is to protect the female population when they are searched. Bernie said they were now in the time of RAMADAN (a religious holiday time) so there is more hostility during this time. He says they have mortor shells hitting them with regularity. Bernie’s email address is: Support Bernie by sending him emails.

Sunday, October 30th, is Leroy and Louise Pederson’s 50th wedding anniversary. How wonderful that is. I remember 50 years ago when they came to Edinburg. What memories there are about both of them. I remember them living behind the barber shop. I remember Community Club or maybe it was a school function at the City Hall----but the fire alarm going off from the barber shop. Lots of wonderful memories.

I am finishing this edition of the "Crow’s Nest" sitting in the waiting room at First Health Care Centot doing well as she is suffering from heart failure and kidney failure. Mother has had almost 85 years of a wonderful life, but it is hard to see the decline. A post op: Mom said she felt NO pain and Dr Johnson did a magnificent job of taking a whole liter of fluid off her lung. Dr Johnson really and truly is such an asset to this large community. He is so caring and makes everyone feel so special. We all love him dearly. Have a wonderful week and will converse at a later time.


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October 27, 2004

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This "Crow's Nest" is SO far behind, because of "host" problems. I will try my best to keep everything updated. Hopefully I will have new pictures and new Edinburg stories available very soon. Thank you for your patience.