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The dark of night can spark my imagination. Last night my imagination was at full throttle. Thunder was rolling and lightening was flashing all around. As I dozed off to sleep I heard the lonesome whistle of a train rumbling through town. I awoke with a jolt at 1:16 AM when the fire alarm rang twice. I walked around the house and saw Pastor Erik head towards the firehouse. I prayed desperately that nothing tragic was taking place in our community. I finally was going back to sleep when I heard a distant rumble edging it’s way to town. Again, the lonesome wail of train whistles. A car was busily driving around town. Again I prayed for safety for both car and train. Finally dawn arrived after a very long and eerie night. It was great to see daylight even though it was cloudy.

Will this be remembered as the “SUMMER THAT WASN’T?” I don’t think we have sat out on our deck more than 10 times all summer long. Our garden has been very slow in producing vegetables. I have only “canned” 12 jars of pickles so far. That is a far cry from the 150 pints and quarts of cukes I “put-up” each year. The frost last Friday night also was a jolt to the area. I understand it has hurt the bean crop for the farmers. I know it touched the leaves of our tomatoes, cukes and squash.

This past week has been tough in our household. It was confirmed I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Hopefully medication and a reality check on activities will help. Also, our dear friends and neighbors, Marvin and Effie Ulberg moved to St Paul to live in an assisted living facility close to both Ron and Diane. It was difficult to say good by. Out of habit I look 3-4 times a night to see if lights are on in their household. They are missed.

I haven’t meant to leave the impression with this “Crow’s Nest” that everything is “down” in Edinburg. Quite the contrary----love seems to have taken over this place. My, for the weddings this fall and winter. There seems to be a wedding each month. Ellen Hooey just got married as did Al Nowatzki. Kimberly Amundrud is getting married September 4th. Veronica Zidon’s wedding is in October. Jonathan Hayes’ wedding is around the corner as is Tracy Gustafson’s in December. We will cap it off with TJ Hall’s wedding January 1, 2005. Isn’t love grand?

School started today. Time just seems to fly by and the landscape of activities changes almost daily. The one constant in our household: I am STILL feeding orioles grape jelly. Had nine fighting for a feeding spot yesterday. They should soon migrate south.

Hopefully the fields will soon be dry enough to harvest. I know farmers are anxious to get their crops off the fields and into the grain bins. We need warm weather and sunshine.

Have a wonderful day.


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August 26, 2004

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1. You know several people who have hit a deer more than once.

2. If someone in a store offers you assistance and they don't work there.